Jack Merridew is chilling out in the Root-Queer Float restaurant. How much is Merridew's net worth?

Jack Merridew

Born NameJack Merridew
Birth DateJanuary 16, 1993
Age27 years old
Birth PlaceAllentown, Pennsylvania, USA
EducationParkland High School, Ithaca College – Bachelor in Screenwriting degree
ProfessionAuthor, YouTuber
Years Active2012 – Present
Relationship StatusSingle
PartnerAlex (2013-2015), Jordan (2017), Travis Bryant (2015-2019) 
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationHomosexual (Gay)
Current Place of ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
Social Media PresenceYouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Zodiac SignCapricorn

American author, Jack Merridew always comes with the news array of looks and delivers some hot new offerings throughout his cheerful and carefree storytelling videos on youtube. He came into prominence after people started noticing his vlogging videos ongoing for a hilarious date or sharing his experience after becoming a LGBT supporter.

Merridew became popular on social media after exploring that he is more than what he believes in him that gave him the motivation to focus his passion. He worked on his weakness and sparkled with the beaming light over the darkest secrets of his life. So, what is happening in his personal life? See more glimpse of Merridew’s interesting things till the last of this article.

Who is Jack Merridew Dating Nowadays?

The youtube personality, Merridew is reportedly single and looking for a date. On Valentine’s Day in 2020, he shared a picture on Instagram while posing with a teddy bear. Moreover, he wished his fans a Happy Valentine’s Day in the Instagram post and announced that he is now single after breaking up from his four-year relationship.

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On the other side, Jack is now an openly gay person, who revealed his sexual orientation is not straight and came out as a homosexual in his first youtube video, Coming Out on 18th August 2012. Since then, he do not feel hesitated in talking about his sexuality and body positivity. He also supports the LGBT community as a member of a gay community.

A List of Merridew’s Former Partners in Crimes

The 27-year-old, Merridew initially became romantically involved in a longtime relationship with Alex. The duo had their first encounter in 2013 after meeting through an online dating site. Furthermore, they came out of the closet after posting a youtube video, Boyfriend Tag, on 20th December 2013, where they planned for a late-night Broadway theatre show.

The longtime dating partners stayed in a relationship for three years, but after that, they separated their ways apart in 2015. However, their split up reflected on their lack of intimacy that created many personal differences and spread negativity in their love life.

After the breakup, Merridew went out for a blind date, where he spent his quality time with a 27-year-old Jordan, a Los Angeles, California-based actor. Nonetheless, the couple dated for a brief time unless they found they are not meant to be for each other. But, they remain good friends and maintains an amicable relationship.

Jack began dating his fellow youtuber, Travis Bryant, after meeting him for the first time in 2015. The couple later created a joint-youtube channel, Travis and Jack, in 2016, where they posted several videos on their daily love life and couple challenges. However, they broke up after four years together due to some personal differences in 2019.

How Much is Jack’s Earnings from Book Sales? His Net Worth in 2020

Jack Merridew earns a substantial fortune from his youtube channel, where he has 400,000 subscribers with total views of 92.4 million since 2012. His monthly earnings through youtube start from $111 to $1,800. He boasts overall earnings of $1,300 – $21,300 as a youtube personality every year. As of 2020, his net worth is $180,000.

As a prolific author, Merridew wrote his first novel, Fireworks Over Suburbia, in 2012. In the book, he narrates the story of a happy family fleeting with happiness. Furthermore, he published his second book, Teenage Idol, on 8th March 2013. In his second novel, he describes his leading story through the tear-hearting times when he finds his teenage idol.

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In 2019, Merridew published his third book, The Night Tommy Swanson Died. Moreover, he wrote the novel for his childhood friend, who untimely passed away by severe depression. The price for his third and latest novel is $7.99 in Kindle edition as well as $12.99 in a paperback edition. So, he received fruitful paychecks that probably fulfills his bank balance fruitful throughout his book sales.

Trivia: Jack Merridew

  1. Jack Merridew grew up in a small city, Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.
  2. Merridew’s parents frequently appear in his youtube videos. Also, he introduced his older brother in one of his youtube videos.
  3. Merridew graduated from a public high school, Parkland High School. Later, he enrolled at Ithaca College with honors and received a Bachelor in Screenwriting degree.
  4. Before gaining fame, he used to work as a cashier at Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., in Pennsylvania.
  5. After becoming a success youtuber, he filmed a short commercial movie, Off Track, for a new gay adult website in 2017.
  6. His role models are Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Walt Disney, and Ricky Nelson. Moreover, they are all his inspirations for achieving his goals.
  7. He has collaborated with youtube stars like Davey Wavey and Matthew Lush for associated acts. Also, he collaborates with his ex-boyfriend, Travis Bryant, and Mario Adrion.
  8. He resides in the City of Los Angeles, California with his family members henceforth.