Jessii Vee is one of the best youtube storytellers when it comes her school life, love affairs and so on. What is Vee's age?

Jessii Vee

Born NameJessi Vee
Birth DateFebruary 14, 1994
Age26 years old
Birth PlaceBrampton, Ontario, Canada
ParentsGavin & Niki Vee
Siblings1 Sister – Mandi Vee
ProfessionYouTuber, Vlogger
Net Worth$1.8 Million (2020)
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseTye (m. 2019)
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)
Social Media PresenceInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Zodiac SignAquarius

Canadian youtuber, Jessii Vee knows how to define herself as a good vlogger and storyteller by introducing in a different way where she is capable of doing everything. She cannot stop trying one thing for a million times, considering that today is not her best day, then tomorrow will be an excellent opportunity to chase her goals.

Jessii is an entertainer for a broad audience on the social media platforms when she delivers the best experiences of her childhood days, traveling stories, and past/present love interests. She got the popularity from her youtube channel just like a meteoric rise to the top of the sky so quickly. So, what is she doing in her daily curriculum activities?

Got Hitched in the Middle of Forest with her Beau-turned Fiance, Tye

YouTube star, Vee is in a romantic marital union with her beloved husband, Tye. At first, the two met in 2017 and subsequently began dating on a regular time. They were in an intimate love relationship, but their hide and seek did not last long after they shared thumbnail pictures via Instagram on 17th July 2017.

After dating for more than one and a half years, the duo got engaged on 11th September 2018, when Vee’s boyfriend, Tye surprisingly proposed her for marriage with an auspicious solitaire ring with diamond accents. After their engagement, Jessii expressed her emotions on Instagram, saying that there are no words to describe how happy she is right now.

A year later, of getting engaged, the bridegroom then tied the knot in the middle of the forest in Vaughan, Ontario, on 25th October 2019. At that time of marriage, she donned a white lace Christian flower off-the-shoulder gown while her groom stunned in a peak lapel light brown tuxedo, tied up with a chocolaty brown tie.

More upon this, the newlyweds invited their beloved guests for the wedding reception party at Kortright Center, an air suburban conservation venue. Their nuptial was perfect because of their photographer, Sara Wiebe, make-up artist, Jenny G, and flower decorations by the Gatto Flowers. Since then, they settled down in the greater Toronto metropolitan area of Ontario.

Prior to Jessii’s marriage with Tye, she was in a longtime relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Kyle. The pair dated for overall five years after knowing each other for one year. Nevertheless, they decided to separate from their affair when they find some misunderstandings, but they both remained good friends even after split up.

Previously Diagnosed with Lyme Disease

Toronto, Ontario-based youtuber, Vee found that she is suffering from a highly infectious disease, Lyme Borreliosis, after returning from a hike on 16th May 2019. The incident happened when she literally walked by a tree, and eventually, a tick bites her and spread the Borrelia bacterium liquid. Soon after that, her skin started itching and resulted in a big bowl shape of rashes.

On 3rd May 2020, Jessii shared her story the Lyme disease, which caused her always tiredness, headache, body ache, joint muscle pain for random times. She also went to the hospital for check up weekly, but doctors said that these are just usual symptoms. She further did a 7-days treatment from the doctor’s advice. Nevertheless, it did not work after the weekly tests.

Take a Look Upon Jessii Vee’s Battle against Lyme Disease!

Vee traveled to New York City, New York, for a check-up for Lyme disease and found that she has a positive result. The doctors said that the disease is spreading bacteria all over her body, which affects the red blood cells. It was hard to get treatment for the illness, and she felt like that was her worst year because everyone medical professional did not get rid of it.

When Jessii realized that the disease could be battled if she is feeling happy every time. So, this motivated her to fight with the disease, and she is now profoundly working on her daily curriculum. Moreover, she interacts with many people living with Lyme disease and finds out how she can survive it. She advises wearing full sleeve pants while going out for a hike or picnic.

What is Vee’s Total Earnings from YouTube? Explore her Net Worth!

Jessii Vee is earning a considerable amount of fortune from her youtube channel, where she has 2.01 million subscribers with 449 million total views. Her monthly earnings rise from $5,900 to $94,200 that she probably grabs an annual wealth of $70,600 – $1.1 Million as per views. Reportedly, she has $1.8 Million net worth in 2020.

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On the other side, Vee’s husband, Tye is a vlogger, who gives many interesting videos on his youtube channel, Vee Vlogs. He earned 483,000 subscribers, with a total of 29.1 million views since 2015. He probably makes $1,200 – $18,500 per month from his youtube channel and his yearly earnings start from the lower hand of $13,800 to the higher side of $221,500. His total net worth is $450,000 as of 2020.

Handful in Fashion Endorsement Deals

Apart from being a popular youtube personality, Vee is also a fashion model endorsing various kinds of fashionable brands while working on endorsement deals. At first, she began to promote a comfortable and stylish sleepwear brand, Jellifish Kids. She was seen promoting the clothing merchandise in one of her Instagram posts on 16th December 2016.

Jessi is currently in an endorsement deal with a global leading fashion brand, Dolls Kill, which Inc. Magazine listed as the “Fastest Growing Retailer since 2012.” She frequently shares the pictures of wearing Dolls Kill t-shirts on Instagram as well. Furthermore, she received a handsome paycheck from other clothing brands, including Star Cadet, Vapor Fashion, Spencer’s, and BUNZ, etc.

Trivia – Jessii Vee

  1. Jessii Vee grew up in Ontario’s grater Toronto area, Brampton, which is a Canadian city.
  2. Vee is the oldest daughter of Gavin Vee and Niki Vee, who occasionally appears in her youtube videos.
  3. Vee has a younger sister, Mandi Vee, who is a creative hairstylist. Also, she is a youtuber, who especially brings hair treatment therapies to her viewers.
  4. She collaborated on a video, The Box of Mysteries with famous youtuber, Stepanka, aka Stephanie Matto, on 9th March 2016.
  5. She has been creating videos on the topic of Everybody Has a Story on her youtube channel since 2018. Her first episode was about her mom’s darkest secret: her domestic violence and abusive relationship with a policeman when she was in her teenage period.
  6. As a dog lover, she has two British Bulldogs, Winnii and Dozer.
  7. Jessie’s age is 26, and she has been celebrating her birthday on Valentine’s Day every year.
  8. When she organized a show, Meet & Greet, for $12 tickets per person at the Rose Theatre Brampton, people criticized for the ticket price. But, she explained that the money is for the venue’s rent.