Joo Won's Alice script choice as he prepares for drama return.

Speculative Guide to Joo Won’s Comeback Sci-fi Drama ‘Alice’

Joo Won’s Alice marks one of the most highly anticipated returns to dramaland, and it might leave a mark in all of K-drama history. Everyone is more or less curious about the actor’s latest work, especially since this comes after his military-related hiatus. A glimpse into the drama after its trailer drop in early January reassured the viewers that this is what they exactly need during the Corona ensued lockdown.

Despite the global epidemic, Joo Won is working hard for Alice’s shooting with the cast and crew. So, will their hard work pay off? While you are waiting for the drama, feast into some delicious theories we have prepared only for you!

Synopsis & the Stars in it

Alice’s entire plot focuses on time-traveling and a predestined love story between a crime-fighting detective and genius physicist. How will the encounter between the cold hero and a heroine amidst the secret behind time-traveling turn out?

Joo Won’s sci-fi drama “Alice” released its first trailer!

The cast in the drama are:

Joo Won as Park Jin Gyeom

Kim Hee-Sun as Yoon Tae-Yi

Kwak Si-Yang as Yoo Min-Hyeok

Lee Da-In as Kim Do-Yeon

Momoland’s Yeon Woo as Tae-Yi’s sister

Lee Jae Yoon as Park Jin-gyeom’s partner.

Choi Won Young as Seok Oh-won

Song Ji Hyuk as Hong Jung Wook

Bae Hae Sun as Kim In-sook

Alice: Trailer & Plot break-down

It all begins with Park Jin Gyeom’s tough high school days, where he gets blamed for school violence. Still, he has his poor mother stands by him and believes in him no matter the circumstance.

What begins to make things complicated is Jin-gyeom’s mother’s involvement with time traveling and the dangers that come with it. She insists that her son should tell her if any strange people come to him. Soon afterward, she is murdered, and her son or the police for the matter have no idea who the killer is.

The surprising element till this point is the ‘who’ regarding the hero’s mother (Kim Hee-sun), considering that the same Hee-sun is to become his love interest later on. Could she be a look-alike of his mother (when they could have another actor play the role), or is there a befitting connection? By all means, the writers will have to do a convincing job in tying it all up.

Anyways, the tragic death of the lead’s mother turns him into an unfeeling, coldblooded adult. He has also become a detective to catch the culprit, and in doing so, he unexpectedly comes across an even bigger mystery of time-traveling.

Who or what is Joo Won’s Alice?

The murderer of the lead’s mom is among the mysterious bunch causing disturbances in the modern-day world, and Park Jin Gyeom tries to find out the perpetrators and reason behind the strange occurrences. During his investigations, he discovers a hotel operating the time machine called ‘Alice.’

The events work to reunite fateful lovers, Yoon Tae-Yi and Park Jin-gyeom.

Final Word

The story-line holds eye-catching elements: suspense, action, comedy, melodrama, and the trailer does its job in raising all the crucial questions. While romance is a central theme, it all hangs on how they handle the science-fiction. If the writers make good use of the research with their imaginative prowess and portray the workings of the time warp well, there is hope for the production, or else all will fall through.

Among the points which make Alice promising is undoubtedly the sci-fi lead who is relatively famous for having an eye for scripts. Will Joo Won’s Alice be an unprecedented hit? We can only wait to see if he outdoes his previous performances with it.

The latest SBS series will premiere in early August 2020.

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Currently, the 6 feet ½ inches man is also shooting his upcoming movie Firefighter set to release in 2021. Besides, you don’t have just our sympathies to hold out until the actual drama makes it online. Feel free to indulge yourself with his famous on-screen projects such as King of Baking: Kim Takgu, Bridal Mask, Good Doctor, Yongpal, and Fatal Intuition.

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