Netlix's K-Drama The King Eternal Monarch starts off strong ratings with 11%.

How Will Lee Minho’s New Netflix Drama The King: Eternal Monarch Turn Out?

Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch is a tempting watch given that it is scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook’s work. She became the Hallyu star maker with successive hits such as The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, Secret Garden, etc. In the like manner, actor Lee Minho is guaranteed not to disappoint with his compelling works, Boys Over Flowers (2009), The Heirs (2013), The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), Bounty Hunters (2016), Gangnam Blues (2015), etc.

The show is Lee’s big comeback after his 21-month military enlistment hiatus. This writer-star duo alone should make the drama binge worthy; just in case you are not convinced, probing the drama with us should give you some insight!

Korean Drama The King: Eternal Monarch- Synopsis & Cast

Starting with the storyline The King: Eternal Monarch (Yeongwonui gunju), it portrays Korea in two worlds; a fictional Korean Empire (Corea) and modern-day Korea. The fact that they couldn’t come up with a better name for the fictional world is slightly off-putting. But, oh well. Besides, the sageuk setting in the drama with its time-traveling aspect is not bad at all.

The leading lady is Kim Go-eun (Goblin, Cheese in the Trap), and honestly, everybody knew this pair predicted this combo. Emperor Lee Gon and Jang Tae-ul (Kim Go-eun) are inhabitants of different worlds. There is an impending danger now that the portal connecting to the two worlds may fall on wrong hands. Thus, Lee Gon and work together to close the portal connecting parallel worlds.

In addition, Woo Do-hwan (Tempted, Mad Dog), as the Emperor’s Royal bodyguard Jo Young, possibly joins them in their pursuit. The fans will likely not pass up on Jo Young-Lee Gon bromance!

The rest of the cast are Korean PM Goo Seo-ryung (Jung Eun-chae), detective Kang Shin-jae (Kim Kyung-nam). Last but not the least, how can we forget the show’s Machiavellian Lee Rim (Lee Jung-jin).

The stellar cast points us to the fact that one actor will pull off multiple personalities. Until now, we only saw Kim Go-eun play a cutesy role as Ji Eun-tak (Goblin), this all changes now. Not only do we get to see Police Jang Tae-eul’s action, but also Luna’s intense emotions on the other side.

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Most of the characters, in general, have their doppelganger. Even Jo Young has Jo Eun-seob, which makes not getting to see Lee Minho’s counterpart all the more disappointing. You might want to thank Lee Gon’s uncle (Lee Jung-jin) for that. Yup, he murders both and his own and Lee Gon’s parallel right off the bat. Well, as long as it ends well!

Current Review

So, how promising is this fantastical Korean drama The King: The Eternal Monarch? The formula of plenty heart-fluttering moments, eye-catching cast, with Netflix into the picture, might just work. Still, it will take unique story-telling to hold the crowd. In effect, will they be able to indulge the viewers throughout the show’s run?

Catch Lee Minho starrer The King’s trailer!

The drama has yet to win the public over, finishing the first and the second episode at 11.4% AGB ratings. The following third and fourth episodes achieved ratings at 9.4% and 10.1 %. Right now, it falls short of the rating conquering Kim Hee-ae starrer The World of the Married (22.913%).

Even so, the Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch coming from a star writer and rightly sets the bar high. At this point, it is necessary to only speculate one thing i.e. On what scale will the show’s success be? Blowing up like Descendants of the Sun did might be far-fetched, but it’ll certainly get enough love from the fans. Of course, we are prepared to be surprised.

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