Nova Xqf player paraboy is a two thumb player with gyro off and has earned $400k to $500k till now


BornZhu Bocheng
February 21, 2002 (18 years old)
EducationHigh school degree
ProfessionEsports Player
Net Worth$365k (Prize Money)
Height5 ft. 11 inches ( 1.80m)
Zodiac SignPisces

NOVA XQF Paraboy is regarded as the world’s best player in PUBG Mobile. People know him for his insane DP28 spray and M16A4 single taps. But mostly, he is one of the finest competitive player PUBG community has seen. Just recently in PEC 2020, we have witnessed why the NV XQF player is the world’s best competitive player.

Earning wages as an Esports player and winning massive prize money, Paraboy is definitely not stopping here. From the transition from XQF to NOVA XQF, there is plenty to learn about this player. From his personal life to gaming career, we will disclose them all for you in this article. So, stay with us till the end!

Paraboy’s Personal life

Zhu Bocheng aka Paraboy has kept his personal life separate from his esports career. The confident yet modest guy has expressed he’ll only upload his game plays on youtube. To this, the players has stated as a way of demonstrating how good are Chinese players and most importantly, Paraboy himself.

Paraboy’s Networth from Wages & Prize Money

Paraboy has bagged $365k as prize money in competitive scenario. In addition, he is an esports player for NOVA Esports currently. Since 2018, he might have earned a salary of $3000 to $5000 (as per Thestreets website). Consequently, The MVP of PEC S2, should have $108k to $180k up until now. All in all, the Chinese gamer has an estimated networth of $400k to $500k.

In 2020, Paraboy won PEC 2020 with Nova XQF. He went on to become the MVP of the tournament. As the MVP , he took home $75,668.

Paraboy’s Competitive Career: Nova XQF Journey

Paraboy started as a competitive players from X-Quest F (XQF) in 2018. Along side team members Order, Jimmy, Coolboy, King and Cat, he went on to win several titles include the Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) in 2019. Soon after in the month of July, 2020, the 18 year old transferred to NOVA Esports along with the main rosters(Coolboy, Order, Jimmy) of XQF.

Even though, the Chinese competitive player transferred, NOVA and XQF merged the name to NOVA-XQF with all the members intact in the roster. Just recently the team won the title of PEC 2020 for NOVA-XQF. In this edition, Paraboy emerged as the MVP bagging $75.6k with his performance. In the same way, NOVA-XQF took home $756,683 as the winning team.

What is Paraboy doing currently? Where is his team playing?

Paraboy is currently representing Nova-XQF in the Pubg Mobile Global Championship Season Zero. This is the first global competition where PUBG Mobile has announced a pool prize of $2 million. Paraboy with his teammates are through to the super weekend with fifteen other teams. His team is fighting for the spot at the Finale of PMGC.

The NV XQF player team is currently finding the flow to dominate like they have during Game For Peace Competitive leagues. Back in China, tournaments and leagues only host the maps: Erangel & Miramar. Due to this, Paraboy and his team is struggling to adjust to new maps in the ongoing competition. So, we can only cheer and hope the same only Paraboy returns to the top.

Paraboy has a youtube channel (although Youtube is blocked in China). It is a common trend nowadays for Chinese players. The genius gamer has told viewers that he won’t be streaming live on the platform. He mentioned that he is showcasing how good and confident Chinese players are and can be.

Here’s a video on how the MVP of PEC 2020 trains.

Facts about Paraboy

  • Paraboy has a Youtube channel where he frequently uploads game plays and montages
  • The 18 year-old plays the game with his two fingers and Gyroscope off which is unusual for a competitive player.
  • He plays as a support for his team although emerges as the MVP of the team and the tournaments quite frequently.
  • Bocheng currently owns Iphone 11 Pro Max as disclosed in his Instagram. Till date, his Instagram has reaches 171k followers.
  • Paraboy’s PUBG Mobile (Game for Peace) ID is 155943358