Sting appears on AEW on 2nd December surprising even the roster on stage

Sting makes his Mark on AEW!

BornSteve Borden
March 20, 1959 (61years old)
Omaha, Nebraska, US
EducationHigh School Degree
Net Worth$8 million (source: celebrityNetworth)
Height6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m)
In-Ring NameSting, The Icon
Zodiac SignPisces

The veteran of the wrestling world, the icon Sting returned to mainstream wrestling in AEW on 2nd December. With hardly any anticipation by the viewers and most AEW wrestlers, the 61-year-old wrestler returned with a bang.

Amazingly, we saw his comeback on AEW, which aired on the TNT network. It was the same network where he had his final match against Ric Flair back in 2001. In this article, we disclose the reasons why Sting came back. Stay tuned!

Sting Returned for One Final Match?

We all know Sting had a hard time adjusting in WWE. The Company wasn’t the correct place to end his 30 plus years worth legendary career. Vince McMahon couldn’t give him that one final match to end his career entirely. Speculations kept on rising on the potential match against The Undertaker, but it never happened.

As far as we’re concerned, AEW could be the perfect place to have Sting’s farewell match. There are dozens of wrestlers against whom he can wrap up his career in an elegant way.

One perfect opponent could be Chris Jericho. We hope we will soon find out about this as Sting’s final match could both be epic and saddening.

AEW has Offered Multi-Million dollars Contract?

Sting has always been a wrestler of immense popularity and ability. In no way AEW has welcomed the former WCW champion at a low wage. According to significant publications, the 61-year-old wrestler has signed a multi-million dollar full-time contract with AEW.

The Contract includes more than what WWE provided Sting during his time there. The Icon already has his merchandise by his appearance on AEW on 2nd December. Moreover, there is a rumor that Company will soon release his action figure in the market.

AEW feels like home to Sting?

Sting returned to wrestling just this December after cutting ties with WWE in the early months of 2020. He might have chosen AEW since the show airs on the US channel, TNT. It is the same TV channel that aired WCW before the McMahon family took it over.

The former TNA wrestler has had a low fondness towards Vince McMahon. He back then turned downed Vince’s offer to join him and took a hiatus as a result. On the other hand, the owner & CEO Sahid Khan had a keen interest in signing Sting. He worked pretty hard to bring the wrestler successfully to AEW.

So, this much is sure Sting will feel more at home on AEW than on WWE.

Some quick facts about Sting

  • Up until now, Sting has won 25 Championships across various wrestling companies.
  • He has been titled “Most Popular Wrestler” four times by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.
  • WWE inducted the Icon in the Hall of Fame in 2016.
  • Although the WWE Hall of Famer didn’t win any WWE titles, he has won the Slammy award twice during his time there.
  • The wrestler has tied the knot twice so far and has three children, & all of them are from his first wife.
  • He has authored a book called, Moment of Truth, which was released on 4th December 2004.