Summer Bunni is one of the highlighted celebrities, who came into attention with relationship controversies. So, who is Bunni dating in 2020?

Summer Bunni

Summer Bunni is an American model and singer, who astonishes everyone with her bold and beautiful figure. Previously, she dated many high-profile personality and get into controversies for being mistress. So, who is she dating now? Does she have a boyfriend? Explore her net worth in 2020!

Evan Betts attended Iceberg Guards Fashion Week in New York City, NY on 7th September 2017. Whom Evan is in relationship?

Evan Betts

Evan Bett is a former American reality TV star who rose to prominence from the reality series, So Cosmo. But, he is more than just a reality TV star, he is a fitness model and trainer, possessing vast expertise in fitness and health. Read More…..