Yaron Varsano has a fortune of $15 million.

Yaron Varsano

BornYaron Varsano
1975 (age 45 years)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
SpouseGal Gadot
Net Worth$15 million
Height6 feet (1.85 m)

Few find success in life, even lesser are truly happy to go with it. Israeli business elite Yaron Varsano is one of those few who’re challenging the stereotypes. To top it up, his partner is someone with whom you might be very familiar!

Whoever did say women had to be the supporters while their husbands gobbled up the limelight? That is among the reasons Yarano is praiseworthy for so many. Take a look for yourself if it’s true!

Who is Yaron Varsano’s Bride? Varsano’s Married Life

Yaron Varsano is the lawfully wedded husband of Hollywood actress Gal Gadot. They walked down the aisle long before Gadot even became the Wonder Woman. So, how did they meet?

Yaron and Gadot met at a party through a mutual friend, and as they say, sparks flew instantly. Varsano had met the love of his life, and no later than their second date, he boldly stated that he was only waiting till their second anniversary to propose.

In 2008the 6 feet 1-inch tall man got down on one knee as promised and she said, ‘Yes!’ An intimate marriage ceremony followed in September that year in Tel Aviv.

When filming Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Wonder Woman became pregnant with her first child. Hence in 2011, the pair became parents to their daughter Alma Varsano. In 2017, they became blessed with their second daughter, Maya Varsano. 

The duo’s love is still far from growing cold, and a glance at their espousal life could make one believe that they’re just newlyweds. The year 2020 became their fourteenth wedding anniversary. 

The lovebird’s long lasting marriage could have something to do with Yaron’s unflinching dedication towards their relationship. It was him who gave Gadot the push to hold on to her challenging profession. No wonder they are the envy of the town!

How Rich is Yaron Varsano?

Yaron Varsano might not be on red carpets as much, but when money’s concerned, he is not one on the dry side. At present, he possesses a net worth of around $15 million from his real estate business.

The Israeli businessman previously sold his Cherlouche House to Marius Nacht for $16 million. Furthermore, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich purchased his Varsano Hotel for $26 million back in 2015. He also boasts a total of over 135 thousand followers on Instagram and earns $408 to $680 for every single post. 

The 45-year-old man started a production company, Pilot Wavewith wife Gal in late 2019. Besides, his spouse, Gal Gadot, boasts a net worth of $20 million. She gained prominence from movies such as Fast & Furious (2009), Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League (2017), and so forth.

Trivia: Yaron Varsano

  • Yaron Varsano got his high school degree from the International School of Amsterdam and his Bachelors’s degree from the New York Institute of Technology. 
  • His mother-in-law is Irit Weiss Gadot, and his father-in-law is Michael Gadot.
  • Yaron’s father’s name is Daniel Varsano.
  • He is a car-enthusiast and also loves outdoor activities.
  • The 6 feet tall man owns a Maltese dog, Lola, with Gadot.